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Michael Bayouth

Executive Producers
John Lindsay
Susan Karp
Joe Biafora


Rough Cut Finished!

It's a Wrap!
November 10, 2005

Sean, an energetic spooky-house worker, thought it was the coolest. It was basically a rotting corpse in a cage. It would work well in the Spooky House this Halloween, he thought. But sometimes things should be left alone. Sean's co-workers, at the Spooky House, noticed the change right away. They could hear him talking to the morose thing as he restored it. His girl friend, Jill, just thought he was being funny. But somehow this grotesque discovery has crawled into Sean's head and is there to stay. After some investigation, Jill finds an undead maniac, Sam Hell, has arisen and is back in his old stomping ground using her boyfriend as his murder puppet.

The Spooky House comes alive with paranormal activity to meet Sam's twisted wishes. The headless bride in the mausoleum begins to move. The Jason dummy in the morgue room starts to grip it's butcher knife. The mummified body in the pit of death begins to sketch skeletal remains. With the help from a paranormal bounty hunter and the bloodstained shroud of his victim's clothes, they will battle Sam's minions and the world of the undead!

This year's Spooky House promises to really bring in the kids - to the morgue!

So careful when you're all alone
And you hear a voice with a sullen tone.
The voice of Sam Hell will tell you
A hundred grisly things to do.


              Copyright 2005 Son of Jason Productions
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